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Can I Keep The House, Inc.

Can I Keep The House?

What you want to hear is "Yes, you can keep the house." You're worrying about where you'll live, if you'll end up on the street, and you can't sleep at night. (I know, I've been there.) But what you should really be asking is "SHOULD I keep the house?"

The issue is complex. You need to know what it means to keep the house. What assets are you trading for the house? How much money do you need to maintain the house and make the mortgage and tax payments? How long should you stay in the house? Will I owe income taxes when I sell the house?

Sara Stolberg can determine the answers to these questions, so you can decide what's best for you: keeping the house, or moving to something smaller. One person bought a bigger house, so you never know...)

Request your free copy of Sara's CD, "Guide to Divorce". It is a recording of her appearance on local radio show "True to Yourself Radio". She provides basic information on divorce in Illinois, dispelling common misconceptions and myths.

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