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Can I Keep The House, Inc.

Pre-nuptial Planning and Pre-divorce Planning

With approximately 50% of marriages ending in divorce, pre-nuptial planning has become a fact of life for many people. Those who own businesses, have significant investments, children from a previous marriage, etc. have concerns about what could happen to their assets if they get divorced. Also, divorce affects estate planning, causing nightmares: a will can be revoked by the court, children sue to get a deceased parent's spouse thrown out of the house, inheritances are used to pay child support and divorce attorneys.

Steps can be taken to protect assets - and your future - without signing a pre-nup. Contact Can I Keep The House, Inc. to find out more.

When you are considering getting divorced, one of your first questions to yourself is, "Can I afford to get divorced?" Yet you may be reluctant to contact an attorney or the family accountant, for fear of raising a red flag before you are ready to file.

Call a specialist at Can I Keep The House, Inc. for a private, discreet consultation. We can show you the potential financial consequences of divorce specific to your case. We can help you plan your divorce by collecting the paperwork you'll need (before it has the chance to disappear), create settlement proposals, and understand the process of divorce in your county. Be prepared.

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